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A Daddy’s Homecoming

There’s nothing better than having your family back together! I thought with this weekend being the 4th of July, it would be the perfect time to share this family’s homecoming.
I first met Kayla and Marcos as they welcomed their daughter into the world (you can see their birth post here). Just weeks after the birth of their 3rd child, Marcos had to leave on deployment for 6 months. I can’t even begin to imagine what deployment must feel like for a new family of five! 


The last few hours before the homecoming must have felt like a lifetime to all these families! Luckily, for the kids there were things to do; a bouncy house to play in, movies to watch, and a table full of supplies to make signs. With every new movement outside the hanger, you could feel the anticipation growing more and more. Military_homecoming_0002PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0003PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0004PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0005PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0006PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0007PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0008PINIMAGEThen at last, they were home.Military_homecoming_0009PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0010PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0022PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0012PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0013PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0014PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0015PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0016PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0017PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0018PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0019PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0020PINIMAGEMilitary_homecoming_0021PINIMAGEWelcome home!

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