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About Alanna Farmer Photography
Hello!! I’m Alanna Farmer, I’m a birth photographer in Southern California where I serve San Diego County and surrounding cities. I’m here to show how much beauty actually surrounds the birth of a newborn. From the support the dad gives while the mom is in labor to the moment they finally get to meet their baby for the first time to those first moments alone and time is standing still for the new family with love overflowing from their heart. I’m there to capture the most treasured moments of a families life that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Along with being a birth photographer, I am also a family photographer. I love capturing soon to be parents, newborn, and families in lifestyle settings. Whether it be at your home or that place you love so much it’s basically your second home, or a beautiful outdoor setting, capturing you and your family in a comfortable, enjoyable setting that feels like you is my goal for these sessions!

My Story
I married my high school sweetheart Brian, a month out of high school and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary last year! We have two girls, Kassidy and Kayden who are 5 and 3.  After having Kassidy in a hospital, I wanted to have more control over my birth and decided to have a home birth when I was pregnant with Kayden. It was one of the best things I did. After my home birth I knew it was something that needed to be shared and captured for others. I started my business in the Fall of 2014 with photographing my first birth on my birthday, October 24th.

Who I Am
I am a believer, wife, mother, friend, and photographer. I have an obsession over sea foam green. If I see something sea foam green, it’s hard for me not to buy it, I even painted our front door that color! If I could, I would wear sandals every day, luckily with living in Southern California it’s mostly doable! My dream vacation would be to go to Scotland and Ireland even if I’d have to wear actual shoes. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful nature, explore actual castles, soak up the culture, and of course try their food!

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