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Baby Cordie- A Home Birth Story

No matter how much you prepare, how many classes you take, or how many books you read, you’ll never know what labor feels like till you experience it. Because of that, you need the all love and support from the people around you, people cheering you on and encouraging you. You need a village, small or large. That’s exactly what Tania had. She had an amazing village helping her through her thirty-three hours of labor! From her midwife Michelle and her students Kelly and Kelly at Birth Matters, to her doula Trisha, to her friend praying over her, and even her cats, she had her village.
When you have a village, you’re all working through the contraction together, you get encouragement when you feel like you can’t go any father, you get sweet kisses as you rest between the waves of contractions. They are connected to you, helping you, guiding you, loving you, and supporting you every step of the way. And when it’s time to start pushing they are just as excited to see your little one. Tania pushed for four hours and finally welcomed her baby boy, named after his father Cordie, into the world at 6:18am. Just as the sun was rising bringing a beautiful light to shine on the brand new family of three.  Joyful tears filled the room as everyone saw baby Cordie finally out in the world. After 9 long months his parents were finally able to hold him in their arms.


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