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My Birth Story – Part Two

In my last post I talked about my second pregnancy. Now I am finally sharing my home birth birth story.

My second birth experience is completely different than my first. I was calm. I knew I had what I needed. I was in the comfort of my own home surrounded by family and midwives who all wanted the same thing as me, a calm, undisturbed birth.

My contractions started around three in the morning which was definitely different than my evening Braxton Hicks. When I realized that they were consistent I woke up my husband and then my sister, who was staying with us for the birth. Around 7am my husband, Brian, called the midwife to let her know that labor had started and then about an hour later called again for her to come.

While I was in labor I walked around my backyard, drank chocolate coconut milk-yum!, and relaxed during contractions on my bed. When my contractions started to intensify, my midwife, Michelle, suggested I get in the shower.  After getting so much relief from the shower I said I wanted to relax in the bath. It’s amazing how much water helps during labor! My oldest came in and poured water on me. It was so amazing having her comfort me and understand what was going on.PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

After a few hours of being in labor my water broke, and again there was meconium in it. I knew that meconium could be a reason to transfer to the hospital but my midwife said that it was fresh and not to worry. All it changed was that I could no longer have a water birth, which I was ok with. When it came time to push, Kayden was stuck on my pelvic bone, so my midwife helped me concentrate on pushing while she helped Kayden move. Kayden made her debut at 2:01pm January 24th, making her the third in our family to be born on the 24th. Her sister is the 24th of May and I’m the 24th of October. Michelle suctioned out the little bit of meconium and immediately after was placed on my chest all without needing the umbilical cord to be cut early. PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

After Kayden’s birth I didn’t have to move. I was able to relax and recover in my own bed and I was given food immediately after I had Kayden. After everything was cleaned up our midwife and her students told us what to expect over the next two days and would return to give us a second check up.

It was the birth I longed for, even with a small complication. I always had my midwife or at least one of her students with me. I was encouraged the whole time. There was no pressure to do anything I didn’t want to do and I truly knew that everyone wanted what was best for me. I wish everyone could experience birth like this. Not necessarily at home, because for some that would not be calming, but surrounded by a team who is working along side of them instead of taking the birth over.

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