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Kayla’s Birth Center Birth – Part Four

So far in the series I’ve talked about my first birth experience, my second pregnancy and how it was different from my first, and my home birth and today I’m finishing up my blog series with Kayla telling her birth center birth story. I photographed Kayla’s birth close to two years ago and it was such a huge blessing to be a part of their birth. Here is Kayla’s Story:

When we found out I was expecting my third child we were excited. It was then that we wanted to find out that the baby was healthy enough to deliver without the hospital’s needs. I have always dreamed of having a home birth but when I fell pregnant with my second child we found out he had heart complications and I didn’t want to risk him not being in the hospital. I had a terrible time there and was determined to have my next baby at home. When we found out baby girl was healthy and no complications were there we decided for the home birth.

 After deciding on the home birth we found out we were going to be moving 2 months before my due date! I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to find a midwife that I could afford and take me so late. I was unsuccessful. I talked to my new doula about what my next option was and she told me about birth centers all around me. I never thought about a birth center being an option and I’m glad she brought it up. I did my research and we decided on the birth center called Babies In Bloom. This birth center was perfect and the midwife accepted me with open arms that far along in my pregnancy.

The day had come and I was ready after being in false labor for two weeks. We were all excited to meet her. I labored in the comfort of my house and walked around the neighborhood to progress my labor. After what seemed like forever my water finally broke in the shower. My doula, best friend, and husband all decided it was best for me to go on over to the birth center even though I wanted to stay home longer. Thankfully they said that we needed to go because on our way over there I had to pull over and have the ambulance come and make sure I wasn’t having my baby on the side of the rode. I was laboring in the car when the paramedics were trying to force me to talk to them, which I couldn’t because I was having contractions so close together. After them trying to force me to go to the hospital I decided to leave and just try to make it to the birth center.

We made it to the birth center just in time. I remember rushing to my room just to have baby girl in the door way of the room. My husband and midwife were able to catch her while I held on to my doula. It all happen so fast but I’m so happy I chose to go to the birth center instead of the hospital. Another amazing thing that I will never forget about the birth center is that my oldest got to see her baby sister be born along with my best friend and her two daughters who also wanted to see her be born were able to do that, they were in awe along with everyone else I loved surrounding me. My son decided not to be in the room and wanted to play with the toys but he came in after and all the kids just surrounded me, the baby, and my husband. Staring into all their eyes and loving everyone that was in the room with me I can say it was the best experience I have ever had in my life. We left the birth center a few hours later and we had the midwife come check on us a few days later.”PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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This series is here to let mom’s know there is more than one place to birth that are safe, beautiful, calm, and amazing. Births need to be thought of as a natural part of life and not a sickness that needs to be treated. Find a local doula, take a birthing class- I recommend The Bradley Method, read birthing books- Ina May Gaskin Guide to Childbirth is a must read, talk to a midwife who lives by you. Educate yourself, know your options, and do what is best for you!

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