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Leila – Scripps Encinitas Birth Story

You’ve waited nine months, if not more. The time has finally come. When others are laying down for bed, you’re awake. As the moon drifts across the sky, your body fills with anticipation. The light of the morning sun starts peaking in as your body grows tired. Your emotions are brought to the surface. You can’t wait another second. And then, it’s finally here. That moment that you’ve dreamed about. You finally have your baby in your arms, it’s a girl. You can’t explain it but you instantly fall in love. You stare at this beautiful tiny baby in amazement thinking, “I can’t believe I made her!”

Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0001PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0002PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0003PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0005PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0007PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0008PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0010PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0011PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0013PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0014PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0015PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0016PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0027PINIMAGEScripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0017PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0018PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0019PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0020PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0023PINIMAGE Scripps_Encinitas_Birth_Photography_0024PINIMAGE

Congratulations Michelle and Nick on your precious newborn baby girl!

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